The Windows (of opportunity to push)


The season will begin in five moments,

The mindless tweet announced,

All those unfollowers will await the next year.

We logged on slowly, languidly onto the website.

The menu was vast and silent.

As we tweeted and were quoted, the handle continued:

The program for this season is not new,

You’ve seen this entertainment through and through,

You’ve seen Formula 1, GP3 and the WRC,

You might recall all of the other series.

Did you have a good world when you checked my Flickr?

Enough to base a tweet on?

I’m logging out of here!

Where you going?

To the other side of Tumblr.

Please don’t chase the clouds, Indy 500 Pagodas.

Her grunt gripped him like a warm, friendly hand.

When can I tweet to them?

It’s all right, all your followers are here.

I’m not angry.

After you’ve retweeted.

Uh, we mean favourited.

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