GP4 Series™ is Launched


Starting from 2014, a brand new racing series will be launched as a welcome addition to the already successful GP2/GP3 package running alongside Formula 1® races.

GP4 Series™ is aimed at talented and aspiring young drivers under the age of 10. Once again, the chassis will be provided by Dallara, while the engine, 13-speed gearbox and unique innovative technology behind other areas of the car is already being developed by Lada Sport in Russia.

For the first time in history of motor racing, the GP4/14 chassis is expected to run on bespoke square Pirelli Quadrattore tyres.

The car is scheduled to hit the track in early May in the hands of former WTCC ace Aleksei Dudukalo.

Bruno Michel, GP2/GP3/GP4™ Series CEO said: “I’m extremely pleased and delighted to announce this announcement. We’ve been working secretly on the project for quite some time now but to see the car in the flesh and hear the rumble of the 1.0 litre two-cylinder GasToPass Lada Sport engine makes me quite emotional, you know. I would also like to thank Pirelli for producing a new specification of tyre for GP4 Series™ – the Quadrattore square tyre, I’m sure it’ll make racing even more exciting than it currently is in GP2/GP3 Series™. We’ll be presenting the teams and drivers shortly and at this stage it’s possible to reveal that the deal is currently in place for GP4 Series™ to support Formula 1® on the streets of Monaco, in fields of Korea and in São Paulo, Brasil, thus following the global trend set by sister GP2/GP3 operation.”

Lukoil Lada Racing director Evgeny Malinovskiy added: “To witness the birth of this car is so very emotional. For sure, for us it’s a big step but we’re ready to carry the flag of GP4 Series™ into the future. In Dudukalo we have a proven development driver, so young drivers can be certain the car up to modern safety standards. Our engine and gearbox – both based on rock solid Lada Samara 2108 Sport – will be very cost-effective but at the same durable.”

Didier Perrin, GP2/GP3/GP4™ Series technical director: “This car is overall very sexy. With GP4/14, we had the challenge of creating a product suitable for drivers who come straight from go-karting and wish to learn more about proper circuit racing. Just as with GP3 Series™, many of these drivers will be stepping into Formula 1® in 2015 and we want to make sure they learn how a modern racing car operates as quickly as possible. The original design of GP4 Series™ square Pirelli tyres means current F1® tyres should present no significant problem to a new generation of drivers.”

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