Year: 2013

(You Hang me Out to) Formel Drei

Here at we always like to finish the year off in style: in 2012 we caught DTM teams with their pants down on Portuguese soil and this month our successful recce at the Monsters of Caterham racing in Estoril resulted in a blurry (unpublished […]

Monsters of Caterham Racing

Estoril Racing Festival aka Super 7 by KIA Festival. Local heroes and monsters of the Caterham Academy Championship (UK) come together in Estoril, this time they get to play with F1 Curva do Tanque-style version of the circuit. A modern classic. Pics – click […]

Folhas de Erva

Tema: ESTORIL MOTORSPORT WEEKEND / Hojas de hierba Datas: 19 e 20 Outubro 2013 Nome: C. P. Sport Protótipos / CPSP 2013 Fotos / pix → aqui / here

Warning: These Photos Have No Sound!

Event(o): Rally de Portugal Histórico 2013 Lugari (location, no?): Jardins do Casino Estoril Data (date): 08/10/2013 Link pix: aqui / yo, homies! jus’ click ‘ere (repsect, lil bro Lew) Lista de inscritos / participants: AQUI / ‘ERE

Of Monsters and Trucks

MAN racing truck. Driver: Elisabete Jacinto, Team OLEOBAN®/MAN Portugal. Gotta love it when sponsors put actual cars/trucks on display! Pics/fotos – HERE/AQUI

Re: Cycling

Local: Lisboa Evento: 75ª Volta a Portugal Data/hora: 07/08/2013 pelas 15h00 + – Equipamento: Samsung Mabaile (Galaxy “Sux” Gio) Efeitos baratos: Pixlr Express from Pixlr.Com Fotos: AQUI [Enjoy my monstrous creations by clicking HERE]