GP3 – Raising Brand Awareness, Part 2


The second day of GP3 testing… was also the last day of GP3 testing in 2012 and (coincidentally) the last time current generation of cars appeared on track. The 2013 chassis was once again running alongside old (sic!) machinery, with reigning GP3 champion Mitch Evans on duty.

Gotta tell you one thing: the car is a beauty and it sounds absolutely delicious, I would compare the noise to an old school F1 V10, but slightly less aggressive, very tasty and – according to GP3 technical director Didier Perrin – it’s designed to make the car ‘more attractive’ for the fans. I’ll expand on that one in my next blog (coming to your local RSS feed probably on Friday), as Didier was very nice and gave me a big speech regarding his latest creation.

Boys and girls, I leave you with more pics below and do check out lap times to find out who was P1.

PS Look at lil’ Dani Kvyat in the number 6! Almost a decade later, he’s still around. That’s 2021 update.

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