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On a Mission – Volvo Ocean Race, Blog


It’s been a while, while it’s been whatever the weather… Mean, must do a bit of blogging, the lost art of blogging should I say? Epistolary style I always fancied!

Cool, between work & other boring pastimes – his favourite pastimes were shooting and golf – Unce Iberian was able to attend Volvo Ocean Race in Lisbon’s Doca de Pedrouços. And what a fantastic experience I hafta say!

Why Ocean Race? No engine noise, no smell of petrol, I know. The most exciting bit here comes courtesy of team work and sheer determination of these guys. Boats look amazing and the whole atmosphere is very user-friendly. Free access; check this out, Bernard…

Just so we’re clear, it’s not Randy Bernard (IndyCar) I’m talking about. Think USA IndyCar ‘s Bernard is doing a much better job than UK F1 ‘s Bernard, this Bernard needs to check VOR out to learn a thing or two about PR and the quality of fan experience.

I also bumped into Robbo Dahlgren’s Volvo (or at least a good imitation of its racing version) on display in Volvo area. Nice surprise.

Yet another positive ∞ for Uncle Iberian. C U soon. W/+ stuff.

Please now take a few milliseconds to enjoy my pictures from Lisboa Stopover by clicking here and here.

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