Boucher, Watteau & Baudelaire! MNC.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


Lately I’ve been lacking inspiration and in order to rediscover the joy of blinding people with flash, I set sail for Museu Nacional dos Coches in the colourful Belém area of Lisboa. I didn’t really sail, you know – for sure, I used local means of public transportation (dilapidated trains and slow metro). Yeah.

I was in the mood for a bit of Boucher, a bit of Watteau; I needed to get rid of what Baudelaire was calling “l’Ennui”… I did it all and came back home in one piece. As a bonus, I spotted where Sebastian Vettel found inspiration for his (in)famous finger and had an unexpected encounter with @Queen_UK!

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Boucher, Watteau & Baudelaire! MNC.
Boucher, Watteau & Baudelaire! MNC.
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