Year: 2012

Best of 2012

Yep, our 30 favourite pics of 2012 have now been chosen… We complete this move with the link to the gallery – HERE. See you in 2013, keep checking our Tumblr. for quick updates.


02/12/2012: Uncle Iberian catches DTM teams with their pants down in Estoril paddock. Or is it the other way around? DTM catches Uncle Iberian with his pants down and camera up? Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on how things develop. Hear some noise. See the […]

V de V Foreva!

V de V – what else do you need to kill your need for endurance speed? A fine combination of drivers and cars: Julien Jousse and Audi R8 LMS; Thierry Perrier and Ferrari 458 GT2 (merci pour la visite du garage); Anthony Beltoise and Porsche […]

GP3 – Raising Brand Awareness, Part 4

iberian mph dot com is coming back to life after a small computer glitch… I give you exclusive Q&A with Didier Perrin, ‘the brains behind GP3 cars’ or GP2 and GP3 Series Technical Director… I somehow managed to produce statements to which Didier kindly found […]

GP3 – Raising Brand Awareness, Part 3

GP3 – are you aware of how good and great it is? I must confess I wasn’t fully convinced by the series until I took a trip to Estoril where GP3 paddock had gathered for a bit of post-season testing. Once again I arrived in […]

GP3 – Raising Brand Awareness, Part 2

The second day of GP3 testing… was also the last day of GP3 testing in 2012 and (coincidentally) the last time current generation of cars appeared on track. The 2013 chassis was once again running alongside old (sic!) machinery, with reigning GP3 champion Mitch Evans on duty. […]

GP3 – Raising Brand Awareness, Part 1

Excellent first day of GP3 testing at Estoril saw iberian mph dot com get behind the iron curtain, take tons of pics, conduct a couple of interviews and generally have a blast. We would like to thank all parties involved for making it possible. Here’s a confirmation […]