Got Back to Estoril (Updated)


They’re coming back to Estoril! I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying! Perhaps I should explain myself: Superleague Formula will race at the Estoril circuit in May.

This is great news, as I’m a big fan of SF – the cars look nice and the engine sounds fantastic. Of course, very often people seem to think that without Formula 1 the wonderful world of motor racing would collapse, but I’m not very supportive of this theory. F1 is currently suffering from what I’d call “technology overload”. Gone are the days when a driver would fart, burp, jump into a car and put the pedal to the metal. Now it’s all about buttons, trying to show one’s “green credentials” and expressing “delight” for no apparent reason. This is where surrogate racing comes in and steals the show; besides, the current F1 calendar is feckin’ awful, the circuits (apart from some classic tracks) suck big time. Ticket prices are unreal. I’m disgusted. I want Superleague Formula instead.

Check out some piccies from SF’s last visit to Estoril in September 2009 below.

PS Apparently, the Portuguese round has been cancelled… A massive disappointment all round. Well, maybe I’ll hafta drive all the way to Spain to catch some SF action. So much for my carbon footprint!

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