No Yom Chechecheche for Le Mans Series in Estoril (Yummy for International GT Open)


This must be the longest title for a post I’ve ever come up with in my many years of blogging – wow! Anyway, I was hoping to check out one of the LMP2 category (in the Le Mans Series) cars during a testing session in Estoril last week, but the weather decided it would not be a good idea with yet another torrential downpour (I can’t believe it!) disrupting the day’s running . This means I’ll probably have to wait until September when LMS hits Estoril for its final race of the 2011 season.

My visit to Estoril was not all in vain though, as Aurora Racing Team (currently participating in the IberGT championship and the International GT Open series) also happened to be at the circuit with one of the yummy Ferrari F430 GT2. These cars make absolutely delicious noise and are pretty too.

By the way, if you’re wondering what “yom chechecheche” means – it’s the Hebrew expression for “happy winter testing”.

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