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Test-ons, Race-ons: Didier Perrin Forme GP3 Bataillons

In this exclusive interview Didier Perrin, GP2 and GP3 Series Technical Director, reveals why some of the current drivers are on his shortlist, why you don’t mess with vortex generators and who is going to win the title in 2016. Enjoy! Here we are again […]

GP3 101 2016 24/03/2016

A sudden rush of adrenalin to the eye took place once again on day 3 of GP3 Series’ test at Estoril; we also got some great written stuff coming up next week, please stay tuned if you’re a hard core GP3 fan. Our man, Tony […]

Sweet Little Sixteen: GP3/16

It’s become a good and a long-lasting tradition for GP3 Series to visit Estoril circuit, conveniently located near my Lisbon HQ, in early spring for a bit of fun in the rain and occasionally sunshine. Oh, how many cameras did get wet during these golden […]