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FTT – Very Fast Delivery

Have you ever felt like being in a crazy/cool movie? The one with fast and furious Ford Transit vans? Yep, it’s possible with the Ford Transit Trophy: created only a year ago in Portugal, this unusual competition is going from strength to strength. Last week I popped up in Estoril […]

Drive My Van – Ford Transit Trophy

Aqui ficam algumas imagens e este vídeo da segunda corrida do Ford Transit Trophy no Estoril. Vou escrever mais sobre o assunto… Moving on from Schumacher, condoms and Bad Motherf#cker wallets, I was busy exploring more different forms of motor racing, so why dontcha check out […]

Waiting for the Van to Come

Ford Transit Trophy sort of fell from the sky in 2010; it’s a new and exciting project for all Iberian racing maniacs (myself included). For 2011 the organisers of this unique competition are planning to expand and use alternative fuel (bio-diesel) instead of a more […]

Selected Reports 2010

To check out Iberian’s selected reports from 2010 click on the link below. Iberian – Selected Reports 2010 PS Please note we suffered a major rebranding in 2012.